Welcome to Divine Acres Ranch, home of Elijah’s Retreat, a non-profit, Christ centered retreat for families with children who suffer from autism.  We are located in beautiful East Texas, just south of Jacksonville, with rolling hills, towering pine trees and green as far as the eye can see.  

We moved here in April 2007 with our toy poodles, Max and Molly.  Since then, our menagerie has grown to include 5 miniature horses, 1 large Arabian horse, 1 large paint horse, and 2 collie puppies.  The two large horses are in their twenties and have worked with children all of their lives.  The minis will be fun for the children to watch and help groom.

God has blessed us with fifty beautiful, peaceful acres here in East Texas, and we want to share them with you.  So take a little tour of the grounds, the horses, the dogs, and the chores.  Get a glimpse of how our grandson, Elijah, enjoys himself on his monthly weekend visits to the ranch.  If you’ve not yet visited the website for Elijah's Retreat please take a tour there, as well. 

Thank you for visiting Divine Acres Ranch!

Jeff and Kathie Moore
257 CR 3110
Jacksonville, TX 75766